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Medicine in Israel

About Medicine in Israel

Medical devices in Israel, is the most modern medical equipment and advanced in the world, and medicine in Israel is in the first step.

There are also centers in Israel excellent medical specialists, Israeli and world-renowned in all medical fields.

As a result of wars and acts of terrorism which is where Israel, orthopedics very advanced in Israel.

Thanks to medical research thorough in growth, Israel has excelled in the field of oncology and the Israelis give a new extra care to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, surgery and / or radiotherapy.

Bone marrow treatment center serves thousands of patients each year and attracts patients from all over the world, and presents the treatment options in the field of modern medicine and vaccines against cancer cells.

Israel has a very high rate in the field of (IVF) treatment type and transforming power in IVF.

Israeli doctors presents various medical treatments that is not exposed to other countries, also the waiting period for surgery in Israel is shorter than many other countries, and costs of medical treatment in Israel cheaper than the prices in other countries. see also price comparison.

Medical care is famous worldwide for the treatment of psoriasis is in Israel, and is a Dead Sea pools also Tiberias various diseases, especially severe skin infections.

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