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Medical Tourism
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Medicine in Israel

Customers Service

The goal of the crew that provides services to valued customers with the best vein "every customer deserves it gets better" We organize every aspect of the aspects of medical treatment, before reaching Israel, during and after the stay, including:

  • The transfer of medical information and medical advice

  • Medical evaluation and treatment protocol

  • Financial arrangements and estimate the financial costs

  • Sort and organize procedures Admission

  • Set up appointments with specialists

  • Provision of medical services in diagnostic laboratories and institutes

  • Transportation arrangements, air, and ground, and ambulance

  • Ambulance normal and even accompany a doctor

  • Arrangements and hotels processor and his companions throughout their stay in Israel

  • Personal escort to medical appointments and for the duration of stay

  • Find the appropriate hospital and physician specialist most appropriate for the patient

  • Order entry visa to Israel

  • Patient reception at the airport in Israel and moved to the hotel

  • Accompany the patient to the hospital when his stay in Israel

  • Provide assistance to the patient and family members when their stay in Israel

  • Visit doctors for patients when their stay in hotels in Israel

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