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Terms of Use

  • Terms of Service written in the masculine. But the aim of the masculine and the feminine one.

  • The content of the site and the published material, design and all kinds of Altaknologgio in it or belong to him, are the property of their management of the site only and may not be exploited and / or be used by someone else and can not be harmed as well as wholly or partially in the copyright to manage the site. Each use is contrary to these Terms of Service or other use is illegal and forbidden.

  • To the management of the site the right to make changes or Update site without permission or inform anyone else in that, all of this as the administration sees fit, and deserves his.

  • The right to the management of the site to cancel or to delete any user from the data files of the site, without asking the permission or without any prior warning to him, and all this as needed or as the administration sees fit.

  • The right to the management of the site to stop the site from work without prior notification about it and all this as the administration sees fit and right.

  • Management has the right to make changes in the site or in the content of the data files for the construction site as needed and without the involvement of any other person in that.

  • Management of the site has the right to make any change in the design of the site without prior notice for this, according to what the administration sees fit.

  • Management of the site has the right to manage the site to make adjustments in the item or items to these terms of use and / or delete item or items of the Terms of use and / or add item or items to the Terms of use, without the involvement of any other person in it or without any prior notice of this, and everyone according to the administration sees fit.

  • Management of the site is not responsible for any damage directly or indirectly, loss or expenses or anything else output for visitors or subscribers to the site with all the respect in the access to the site or to browse web pages or use the Site or participate in its services free or non-free or participate in a page or more of the pages of the site and the entire responsibility rests with the user only without the involvement of management in this.

  • Management of the site has the right to give all of its details or information about the user of the site or for visitors to the site, to the police or any other law firm, and that if requested to do so or if management considered it appropriate to do so.

  • Site management is responsible for the quality or substance of any promotional materials published or posted on the site, in a page or more than one page, from the pages of the site.

  • To an Israeli court in the range of validity of the Haifa District Court, only the right to consider the terms of this Terms of Service or in the activities of the site.

  • Management of the site has the right to determine the price of a particular service or more that provided by the site to the public visitors and anyone not has the right for opposition to this claim, or asking from the site or its management regarding this thing.

  • This Terms of use does not change any other terms of the use of an existing site, but rather the contrary, they are complementary to them and the whole concept of items as a whole.

  • In the events within the site, it may be in the pages of the site sponsored links to other sites on the Internet, and as it to the management of the site no authority on such sites, they are not responsible for the work of such sites or the stoppage of work. The management of the site is not responsible for the substance or content of published material in such sites. The responsibility rests just dumped browsers for site access to these sites or access to the Web sites linked to these sites may not involve the administration of the site with any damage directly or indirectly resulting from access to such sites.

  • In case of causing harm or damage to or loss or loss of profits or notoriety or additional expenses, to the site management, or to staff it or publishers it or any third party associated with the site one way or another, because of the use of illegal Terms of this or use illegal to pages site, shall be the responsibility of the user causes for such cases and shall be binding for compensation for the management of the site or to another person by the management of the site, for all expenses, and the resulting cover attorneys‘ fees and court fees.

  • Management of the site has been prepared and developed special software that enables the user to express his views, where he was the program material written by users in special pages and special places for that.
    Materials of this kind reflect the views of the user only. site manegement, or those of its tip no responsibility for the veracity of these articles are written by users of the site. The entire responsibility lies on who wrote these materials and published on the site. Through this you the user of the site, you need at first to make sure that the material that you want to publish are Correct and scrutinized well before you write and examined in terms of legal, if prevent publication before. You the user, you strictly forbidden to write or publish materials, including, for example, as follows:

    • All items Bornograveh or refer to sex significantly or verbal expressions Pollack legal, or insults, or threats, or expressions about sectarian discrimination or racism or nationalism.
    • Everything for the young in age who knows about them or what shows they draw near, or small personal details.
    • All items that cause disrepute or harm to a person specificities of any person or any other legal body.
    • All items that indicate or suggest people with sexual problems or sexual offenses or offenders or victims of the laws and the like, especially if you prevent the dissemination of such materials legally.
    • All items that cause the mistake of browsing or other users of the site.
    • All items that indicate the e-mail address or show the address of a site in the Internet, especially if the site commercially.
    • All items are indicated on the computer program of any kind, and includes computer programs that carry a virus or a virus that make up a computer of any kind.
    • All items that indicate a user name or Password for computer software or Internet sites, especially if you require access to such material cash payment or a special registration for them.
    • All items that cause or possible cause harm or offend users of the Internet in general and in particular, users of the site, as well as any material Shamefully.

  • You must keep secrecy a Username or Password, which got them from the site in any way. the responsibility of uncover them to others rests with the user only. every post illegal or bad using Username and password special you as a subscriber be caused by lack of keeping them confidentiality and liability for damages that may result from lying on your shoulders so you only as a subscriber.

  • Your personal details as a subscriber you fill in forms on Web pages, stored in data files of the site.
    You are not obliged to fill in the correct details, but a prerequisite for acceptance as a participant in the site is to be your personal details are correct.

  • Management has the right to cancel or shut down the site for a member action did not maintain the confidentiality of the login name and / or password access his own, and if this has deployed or giving them to others intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Site Manegemebt has the right to shut down or cancel all subscriptions or services offered by the site to subscribers, if this did not abide by these terms of use and / or any other terms of use found in the site, in its use of a service or in one of its contributions.

  • Site management is obliged to provide any information about the reason for cancellation of Order or more and is not obliged to send a warning or prior notice to the subscriber for their decisions, and have the right to do so, and all this as the administration sees fit.

  • Site Management and Staff are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your inquiry to us, we can not publish any information about you to others and maintain confidentiality.

  • Site management is not obliged to answer every message or direction or request or inquiry or notice of any kind, they received from site visitors or subscribers to the site.

  • Site management rejects entirely, and for whatever reason, common compensation or return for a member fee subscription costs that committed by the subscriber when registered to participate in the pages of the site (that is if there was a Requirement for common fee subscription), even though the unsubscribe to the subscriber by the administration.

  • Each item of these Terms of use, are replacing and / or Changer complement one another, according to the concept of proportionality.

  • Per inquiry or question about the Terms of use of the site you can contact us through the contact us page.

  • Agreeing to the terms of these regulations in designated areas on the site, you declare that you have read and understood the provisions and terms and conditions you confirm them and get them yourself.
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